As we age, there will also be an increase in blockage in the heart arteries called atherosclerosis.
Atherosclerosis initially does not cause any symptoms, but in certain circumstances, it can cause sudden death without being preceded by symptoms.
Atherosclerosis in ordinary people  is referred to as a heart attack that is preceded by increased inflammation (hs-CRP).
We create highly trusted products, by combining Nanotechnology and Stem Cell and Epigenetics into one, creating this Nano Blockage product.
The way it works Nano Blockage is to bring calcium in the blood back to the bones and reduce the level of inflammation so that hs-CRP will slowly decrease the blockage of the heart arteries.
Nano Blockage will also increase the elasticity of blood vessels so that the stiffness of blood vessels will decrease.
Nano Blockage will also control the sensitivity level of the central and peripheral nervous system so that it can reduce levels of increased adrenaline through stress factors and depression.
Nano Blockage, because it is not a drug but is made from 100% protein, is very safe for consumption along with medical drugs without any side effects or contraindications.
My advice is to use 1 capsule at night, which is 2 hours before going to bed and when you wake up in the middle of the night 1 more capsule.
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Nano Blockage


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